DVR Integration
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Install multiple cameras in multiple locations with virutally unlimited users, from a few cameras on one server to thousands of cameras on multiple servers.
Interface with a nearly unlimited number of analog, digital and IP cameras, plus DVRs/NVRs from a growing list of manufacturers. Features include triggering of pre and post recording, viewing of live and recorded video associated with an event; recording indicators, displaying motion triggered recording as an alarm event and one click viewing of recorded video, all from the CA3000 event screen.

Access Control Models

Network CCTV

Multiple Systems

A single CA3000 Workstation with the DVR Interface can connect to multiple DVR systems. A user can display, search, and playback video simultaneously across multiple DVR systems. Users with administrative privileges can even access Integral or Salient DVR’s powerful administrative functions remotely. Watch all your storefronts simultaneously or play back video of exit patterns for a shopping mall consisting of cameras connected across several DVR systems.