Turbo Superterm-8
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Turbo Superterm-8 is an expandable intelligent controller capable of supporting all access control functions for one to eight doors. This distributed processor-based panel will operate as a standalone unit in the event server-communications are interrupted. The Turbo Superterm is programmed via Continental Instruments (CIC) CardAccess® software program, a Windowsbased access control and security management solution. Once programmed, the controller does not require continuous server communications, as it automatically stores system transactions in its internal memory. The Turbo Superterm’s memory is field expandable, allowing for greater cardholder populations and/or a larger transaction buffer. The controller’s Flash EPROM firmware is easily upgraded when additional features or system enhancements are required. Continental’s controllers feature extensive multi-stage lightning/transient protection on-board for maximum reliability even in harsh environments.

Turbo Superterm-8 Capacities

Note: *A maximum of 3 Expansion Boards in any combination may be added to the Turbo Superterm