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Custom Photo ID Cards for Enhanced Security

Name tags and badges have been a part of industry for a long time. Traditionally, they are worn on lanyards around the neck or clipped to a shirt pocket. A security agent will glance at the badge to make sure that everyone coming in or out of the building is wearing a badge. This is the extent of traditional photo ID cards.

Modern photo ID cards are a different story altogether. There are few comparable ways to ensure your security. Modern photo ID cards can be complex pieces of technology, embodying the latest in security measures and technology. When combined with card reader access solutions and a comprehensive CCTV camera system, photo ID cards are excellent ways to provide security for your employees and your company.

Why are today's photo ID cards so different from those of yesterday? Modern technology has made possible a combination of photo ID cards and other technology that is much better than simple identification purposes. This combination allows photo ID cards to play an integral role in business security. Bar coded photo ID cards are one of the best ways to guarantee access for certain individuals, while maintaining the integrity of the area.

In addition, with this combination of photo ID cards and access control software, access can be denied on any card at any time with a simple push of a button. If the need calls for it, groups of photo ID cards can be denied or granted access to specific locations or the business as a whole. Control access software can also provide a means for an entire lockdown in the case of an emergency.

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