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The Continental Access Super-Two I/O Combo Supervised Alarm/Relay Expander is designed to expand the capability of the Super-Two Access Control panel. Each I/O board allows for an additional 16 supervised alarm inputs and 16 Form C Relay outputs. The user may add a maximum of three (3) additional I/O boards per Super-Two.

I/O Combo Standard Features

Simplified Connectivity

The I/O Expander connects to the Super-Two via a three-foot RJ-12 communication cable (supplied).

Additional Expandability

The Super-Two I/O Combo allows for growing expansion (see figure on back). In order to reach the maximum number of relay outputs and alarm inputs one need to add an additional Expander board to the Combo enclosure. The board would be powered from the same power supply and comes with the necessary RJ-12 communication cable. Next, a third Expander board and additional enclosure would need to be added to the system. Once again the board is powered from the same power supply in the Combo enclosure and comes with the RJ-12 communication cable.This combination allows for control of an additional 48 (56 total) supervised alarm inputs and 48 (52 total) relay outputs per Super-Two.

Download the IO Expander spec sheet