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What Is Integrated Video?

The field of video surveillance has changed dramatically over the past few years. One of the greatest innovations is that of integrated video. What is integrated video? Simply put, this is a technology that allows streaming of security camera footage to a viewing device, such as a computer screen. In addition, integrated video allows multiple cameras to stream to the same video screen, making monitor banks a thing of the past. Once upon a time, a security center was filled with dedicated monitors that showed only a single camera view. Today, thanks to integrated video, you can view up to 9 different camera views on a single panel.

Integrated video software also allows for viewing recorded footage from nearly 100 different cameras around your location. While you are viewing footage, new footage and new events are still being recorded and a new event alarm will display over the footage of the older event. Integrated video is the single best method to ramp up your video surveillance techniques.

What else can quality integrated video do for you? It can allow you to capture and stream images of events directly to your screen, as has been mentioned. These events can be predetermined by time, date or action, as well. With the software behind integrated video, you can do many things that will enhance your security. In addition, integrated video software can allow you to get more out of the video footage with resolution enhancement and many more great options.

Before you purchase integrated video solutions, though, you'll need to find the right company. This may involve a little research on your part. Thankfully, the Internet offers you the speediest way to attain this vital security solution. Just go to and you will find the most comprehensive integrated video solution.