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What CCTV Security Systems Are Available?

There are many ways to secure your grounds and buildings, but one of the best and most popular methods is to use CCTV systems. Most people are familiar with CCTV systems; they've been in broad use for many years now. When choosing CCTV systems for your security, though, it is important to choose the best system for your needs .What constitutes good CCTV systems and what different options are available?

Cameras: CCTV systems can be purchased with a number of different types of cameras. There are wired cameras and wireless cameras, for one thing. Wireless cameras offer great benefits for long range, outdoor monitoring. There are weatherproof cameras as well as long range cameras. These are also ideal for outdoor use, such as uncovered parking lots. There are also different range limits on CCTV cameras. Some are good for short distances, while others are made specifically for long range applications.

Recording Technology: Quality CCTV systems also have a host of different recording methods. You can choose to record directly to a VCR, though digital media offers more benefits. Recording to a DVR installed in a computer or a standalone DVR unit is a great way to keep your recordings safe. In addition, copies of specific recording loops can be easily made and stored on a number of different digital mediums. Flash drives, DVDs and hard drives all play a role in this aspect of CCTV systems.

Monitoring Systems: CCTV systems can be configured with several different types of monitoring system. From black and white monitors to full color, high resolution screens. You can choose to have the video streamed to a computer monitor or purchase a bank of dedicated CCTV monitors. Your security needs will dictate the actual setup that you purchase.

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