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CCTV Cameras & Equipment

CCTV has been around for years. Closed circuit television (CCTV) offers institutions and business entities the security they need to ensure safety for their employees and grounds. Using CCTV to the best benefit, though, is something that companies can struggle with. What are the best ways to implement this technology?

CCTV consists of cameras, monitoring equipment and recording devices. You can find a number of different configurations within the industry. There are full color monitors, black and white monitors, digital recorders, wired and wireless cameras. How do you know what is best for your company and how do you ensure comprehensive coverage of the grounds and buildings?

CCTV is almost limitless in its ability to be customized. The first priority is to define your security needs. Entrance areas and hallways are usually the first place to start. Mounting quality CCTV cameras at main entry points and at regular intervals through public areas is important. CCTV camera installation at all entry points is important, though, not just the main doors. Installing CCTV cameras at loading docks and emergency exits will allow you to better monitor the entire area.

Another area that can benefit from professional CCTV installation is the parking area. Providing a well lit, security monitored parking area is a great benefit for employees and visitors, as well as a key area for overall security and threat reaction. When choosing the monitors and recording devices for your company, consider the overall reliability and visual representation needs that you have. Digital CCTV recording technology offers you the ability to record directly to a hard drive, which recording can then be transferred to a digital information storage device like a flash drive or DVD.

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