Badging 3000

Photo Badging Package

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Photo ID Badging Package

Optional Badging 3000 photo-badging package enables users to easily capture employee images, add custom text and images, create custom card layouts and print ID cards or credentials with magnetic stripes, barcodes, Smart chips and/or holographic images.*

The Badging3000 package is an extremely flexible photo ID badging package. Employee images can be captured remotely with a handheld digital camera, no need for special capture devices, and imported into the PC. Or, photos can be directly captured via our point and click image station with badging printer, custom backgrounds, video camera and capture card. **

Continental Badging3000 also comes with many time saving features including a smart, face finding tool. This feature enables users to capture consistent photos every time by automatically cropping to the face portion of the photograph.

Badging3000 database management tools and photo ID systems enable users to quickly view, retrieve and reprint cards.

Click here to download the Badging 3000 spec sheet

Feature list:

Image Capture

Image Support

Card printing

*Special ordering may be required. ** Contact Continental Access for compatible capture cards